Privacy Policy


When you access and navigate my website each page view is logged on my web server. The following information is saved:

  • Your IP address
  • The date and time of your request
  • The URL of the requested page
  • Your User-Agent string, which may contain information about your device, browser, and operating system
  • The HTTP referer [sic], i.e. the website that linked you to my website

None of this information is shared with anyone or linked with anything that is personally identifiable.


I use a self-hosted instance of Shynet to keep track of the number of visitors, which pages are accessed, and where users come from. It records the following information for each visitor:

  • Page URL
  • Page load time
  • Session duration
  • Referrer
  • OS and browser
  • Country
  • Device type

It does not store visitors' IP addresses and it does not use cookies or local storage to track visitors across multiple sessions.


I use a self-hosted instance of Uncomment to allow visitors to leave comments. If you leave a comment, aside from storing the information that you've entered (name, email, website, and the comment body), your IP address is also stored. The email and IP address are not shared with anyone.