A small collection of console solitaire/patience games for Linux, Windows, and DOS.

csol 1.5.0 for Linux (Source) Download
csol 1.5.0 for Arch Linux Download
csol 1.5.0 for Windows Download
csol 1.5.0 for DOS Download


  • Play Klondike, Yukon, FreeCell, Spider, Golf, and more.
  • Themes
  • Simple keyboard controls
  • Mouse support
  • Free and Open Source


  • Download and install csol from one of the above links.
  • Run csol -l to list the available games.
  • Run csol klondike to start Klondike Solitaire.
  • Use the arrow keys (or HJKL) to move the cursor.
  • Press Space to select the card under the cursor.
  • With a card selected, move the cursor again and press Enter (or M) to move the selected card to the position under the cursor.
  • Pressing A will automatically move a card to the foundation if possible.
  • Press R to reshuffle or Q to quit.
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